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Articulated Dump by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu HM300-5 HM300-5 HP-332; Payload-30.9 ton
 Komatsu HM400-5 HM400-5 HP-473; Payload-44.1 ton

Mechanical Dump by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu HD325-8 HD325-8 HP-518 HP; Payload-40.3 tons
 Komatsu HD405-8 HD405-8 HP-518 HP; Payload-44.1 tons
 Komatsu HD465-8 HD465-8 HP-775; Payload-61 tons
 Komatsu HD605-8 HD605-8 HP-775; Payload-69.4 tons
 Komatsu HD785-8 HD785-8 HP-1200 HP; Payload-101.6 Tons
 Komatsu HD1500-8E0 HD1500-8E0 Horsepower-1580 HP; Payload-153.2 Tons; Operating Weight-550,229 lbs.

Mining Electric Dump by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu 730E-10 730E-10 HP-200 HP; Payload-205 Tons
 Komatsu 830E-5 830E-5 HP-2500 HP; Payload-250 Tons
 Komatsu 860E-1K 860E-1K HP-2,700 hp; Payload-280 tons
 Komatsu 930E-5 930E-5 HP-2700 HP; Payload-320 Tons
 Komatsu 930E-5SE 930E-5SE Horsepower-3500 HP; Payload-320
 Komatsu 980E-5 980E-5 HP-3500 HP; Payload-400 Tons
 Komatsu 980E-5SE 980E-5SE Horsepower-4400 HP