Continued Training for Heavy Equipment Technicians


As heavy construction equipment becomes more complex with continual advancements in machine technology, the need for well-trained technicians becomes even more crucial.  

Most equipment utilizes more than a dozen computers and satellite systems for operations. These computer systems rely upon dozens of various sensors for proper operation. This generation of equipment is the most sophisticated, technological advanced equipment ever used for construction, making it the most productive equipment ever used as well. 

Kirby-Smith has one of three Komatsu Dealer Premier Training Centers (the highest level of training recognized by Komatsu.) We train and certify 100 industry technicians internally each year. We focus on system and machine maintenance, general safety, customer training, diagnostics, diesel engines, and forklift operator safety training. We also have the first and only Certified Manitowoc Crane Dealer Training Center.

At Kirby-Smith Machinery, we understand that properly preparing our technicians to service your equipment means that Training Never Ends.   


 Factory Training


Kirby-Smith is committed to providing our customers with the best technicians which requires significant factory level training. Each Kirby-Smith Technician receives at least 80 hours of factory-level technical training each year.

Our ‘Factory Level Training’ is provided in different methods. Some of the training requires the technician to travel to the factory locations for their training while other training is provided in our branch locations with the help of our full-time Technical Trainers.


OJT Training


Today's construction equipment is highly sophisticated and the industry is ever-changing, so it's vital that we provide initial and continuing education. Our OJT programs provide both classroom knowledge and hands-on training to provide a better understanding of today's modern machinery.  

In 2016 Kirby-Smith began a mentorship program, pairing OJT and internship personnel with veteran techs providing hands-on training in the shop environment.

Veteran technicians have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience and we want to ensure it gets passed along to the next generation, who will hopefully serve as mentors someday as well.