intelligent Machine Control

How does it work?

A machine using the GPS antenna and receiver will track multiple GPS satellite signals. 

The Base Station is set to a “known” point on the jobsite and then broadcasts the “correction” information to the machine using a radio signal.

The “correction” fixes the satellite inherent errors and uses the machine settings to generate an accurate current position of the blade.

The current position of the blade is compared to the 3D model of the project. Cut or fill value is displayed for the operator. Also an automatic hydraulic interface can accurately move the blade to the exact design grade.

Inside the cab a display with a simple interface for the operator to use to be more efficient and have grading information on parts of the project.


intelligent Machine Control Dozing

Komatsu intelligent Bulldozers offer added production gains with full auto from rough to finish grade, increasing ROI, Enhanced Inertial Measuring Unit and more.

Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control 2.0 is here

  • Lift Layer Control
  • Automatic spreads lift from existing terrain with one press of the button
  • Machine measures terrain it tracks over and uses it to plan next pass
  • Achieve up to double your production over prior model
  • Tilt Steering Control automatically blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing and reduces operator steering input by up to 80%
  • Quick surface creation creates a temporary design with one press of the button


Proactive Dozing Control  

Proactive dozing control, the first of its kind. Collecting terrain conditions, providing smoother transitions, and giving the operator automation in multiple phases of the jobsite. Find out more!

Factory Integrated Sensor Package

Typical blade mounted components are replaced with factory installed cab top GNSS antenna, enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+), and stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders. Komatsu durability & quality with factory installation, integration.

Cab Top GNSS Antenna

No blade mounted GNSS antenna(s), cables to worry about damaging with cab top GNSS antenna. Reduced risk of theft due to low visibility as viewed from ground level.

Enhanced Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU+)

Chassis mounted enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+) and intelligent logic provides for finish grade accuracy without blade mounted sensors. Positional updates up to 100Hz.

Stroke Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders

Robust stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders employ proven Komatsu sensor technologies for accurate finish grade performance. Stroke sensing angle cylinder allows machine control system to know the angle of the blade.

Operator Selectable Load Settings

Machine control load settings can be adjusted between presets to tailor response to material conditions. From dry loose sandy soils to wet heavy clay materials, system performance can be targeted accordingly.

Standard Touch Screen Control Box

Factory installed and features simple, easy to use operator interface. Mounted high for excellent visibility, viewing angle is adjustable per operator preference.


Models Horsepower Weight (lbs.)
D39EXi-24, D39PXi-24 107, 107 20,922; 22,774
D51EXi-24, D51PXi-24 131, 131 29,057; 31,504
D61EXi-24D61PXi-24 168, 168 41,138; 43,167
D65EXi-18, D65PXi-18 217, 217 45,780; 48,620
D71EXi-24, D71PXi-24 237, 237 50,045; 51,147
D85EXi-18, D85PXi-18 264, 264 67,439; 65, 080
D155AXi-8 354 90, 610



intelligent Machine Control Excavating

Komatsu’s Intelligent Excavators increase productivity and ease operator input with Semi-Auto functionality in a factory integrated solution.

They feature a revolutionary machine control and guidance system that is fully factory integrated with the other qualities and benefits of a standard excavator.

The exclusive control function lets you focus on moving material efficiently, without having to worry about digging too deep or damaging the target surface.

Features for iMC 2.0 excavators

Perform finish grading using only arm input

Operators can finish grade quickly and accurately with a bucket angle hold control that automatically holds the bucket angle to the design surface during arm operation, enabling operators to perform finish grading using only arm input.

Auto tilt bucket control 

With integrated machine control, the auto tilt bucket control on the PC210LCi-11 assists the operator in aligning the bucket parallel with the slope, so that finish grading can be accomplished without having to align the machine with the target surface. 

Just as technology has transformed global business, intelligent machine control can help quickly transform construction job sites into highly efficient, highly productive operations. 

  • Auto Grade Assist
  • Auto Stop Control
  • Minimum Distance Control

From rough digging to finish grading, intelligent Machine Control excavators drastically improve efficiency and precision on your work sites. Unearth your productivity!


Komatsu intelligent Machine Control Excavator


Models Horsepower Weight (lbs.)
PC210LCi-11 165 53,822
PC290LCi-11 196 72,091
PC360LCi-11 257 79,807
PC390LCi-11 257 90,441
PC490LCi-11 359 109,250



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