Intelligent Machine Control



Use Advanced Automation Technology at Your Job Sites

Put 3D design data directly in your machines.  Operators, both new and experienced, will have efficiency and maximum productivity.  New operators will be able to get up to speed quickly.  Using this will get the most from your machines, crew and help execute your design plan.



IMC Excavators

Work efficiently with conventional aftermarket machine guidance or manual operation.  This helps from start, with rough digging, to the end, with finish grading, to help minimze over-excavation.

Trenching, slope work and high production applications can be done semi-automatic.  

Protection, precision and performance gives the maximum productivity.



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Models Horsepower Weight (lbs.)
PC210LCi-11 165 53,822
PC290LCi-11 196 72,091
PC360LCi-11 257 80,547
PC390LCi-11 257 90,441
PC490LCi-11 359 107,850



IMC Dozers

Work your plan with efficiency and accuracy.  For suprior production use intelligent Machine Control dozers to get you through rough cut to finish grade. Use advanced machine technology for cutting-edge job site design and integrate sophiscated automation.

It is a factory-installed, integrated system with a new dozing mode and load control performance features.



Learn about Komatsu Smart Construction Intelligent Machine Control Dozers

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Models Horsepower Weight (lbs.)
D39EXi-24, D39PXi-24 105, 105 22,068; 22,774
D51EXi-24, D51PXi-24 131, 131 30,380; 31,438
D61EXi-24D61PXi-24 168, 168 41,094; 43,167
D65EXi-18, D65PXi-18 217, 217 45,780; 48,620
D71EXi-24, D71PXi-24 237, 237 50,045; 51,147
D85EXi-18, D85PXi-18 264, 264 68,350; 65,460
D155AXi-8 354 90, 610




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We are here to assist you with any training and support you might need for projects. Whether it’s operator training to get the most out of your intelligent machines, or supporting you on your digital transformation, we care about your success. Our Smart Construction specialist are on the phone, online or at your job site to make sure you get the most out of your investments.



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