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0-150 hp by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu D37EX-24 D37EX-24 HP-89; Operating Weight-19,842 lbs
 Komatsu D37PX-24 D37PX-24 HP-89; Operating Weight-20,503 lbs
 Komatsu D39EX-24 D39EX-24 HP-105; Operating Weight-21,891 lbs.
 Komatsu D39EXi-24 D39EXi-24 HP-105 hp; Operating Weight-22,068 lbs
 Komatsu D39PXi-24 D39PXi-24 HP-105 HP; Operating Weight-22,774 lbs.
 Komatsu D39PX-24 D39PX-24 HP-105; Operating Weight-22,817 lbs.
 Komatsu D51EXi-24 D51EXi-24 HP-131; Operating Weight-30,380 lbs.
 Komatsu D51EX-24 D51EX-24 HP-131 HP; Operating Weight-30,821 lbs.
 Komatsu D51PX-24 D51PX-24 HP-131 HP; Operating Weight-31,438 lbs.
 Komatsu D51PXi-24 D51PXi-24 HP-131; Operating Weight-31,438 lbs.

151-260 hp by Komatsu
Model Short Description
 Komatsu D61EX-24 D61EX-24 HP-168 HP; Operating Weight-40,830 lb
 Komatsu D61EXi-24 D61EXi-24 HP-168 HP; Operating Weight-41,094 lbs
 Komatsu D61PX-24 D61PX-24 HP-168 HP; Operating Weight-42,902 lb
 Komatsu D61PXi-24 D61PXi-24 HP-168 HP; Operating Weight-43,167 lbs
 Komatsu D65EXi-18 D65EXi-18 HP-217; Operating Weight-46,892 lbs.