Smart Construction Drone


Quick, accurate mapping of your job sites

Gathering topography is safe, quick & easy.  It is 50% faster than a walking survey.  Using this will help with the job as the data you get can turn into efficiencies and better reporting. 


Features and Benefits

Easier and faster surveys: Receive information in as little as 30 minutes.  This also prevents those doing a manual survey from navigating potential hazards on the ground.

Unlimited tracking: Flying as much as you want & need helps to gather & analyze data throughout your project.  Measure daily, weekly or whenever needed.

Limit downtime: Continue working as the drone flies high above your activies.

Enhance your team's capabilities: Using frequent aerial mappings by drones will give you hundreds of thousands of points instead of hundreds of points giving you more clarity.

Operational cost savings: Speed up your topograhic surveys and save money by using drones rather than a traditional one.

View your jobsite progress from the sky: Take still photos and videos for pre-job verification or keeping others up to date on progress.  Drones can take photos and videos from under bridge decks or up to 400 feet above ground level.