Let Kirby-Smith be Your Support Team with RAMP!

Whether you have one machine or fifty, your equipment deserves the same care that Kirby-Smith gives its own rental fleet. That’s why we offer a variety of service programs to fit your need and to help get the best performance out of your equipment.

One service that sets us apart in the industry is our Repair and Maintenance Program (RAMP). This program covers repairs and maintenance at a fixed cost, eliminating unexpected bills, and assuring maximum availability and performance from your Komatsu machine.

  • Repairs and maintenance at a fixed cost
  • No minimum charges—payment is based on actual hours of operation
  • Repairs before failure
  • Coverage exceeds any available warranty


What are the Benefits of a RAMP Program?

  • Reduce your company’s ownership and operating costs by 10%
  • Increase your machine's availability up to 30%
  • Generate more income with Komatsu Equipment
  • Increase your equipment trade-In value by 15%
  • Improve your machine's productivity by 15% with our RAMP


What is included in a RAMP Program

A RAMP covers preventive maintenance at Komatsu’s recommended intervals. Parts, labor, travel time and mileage for preventive maintenance and repairs, performed according to recommended schedules. RAMP also includes repairs for unexpected breakdowns.

  • Lubricants, disposal, filters, seals, labor and travel are included
  • Fluid sampling and analysis are included. KOWA (Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis) provides levels of particulates and various metals, critical information to identify potential problems before they become critical.
  • The RAMP covers repairs, rebuilds and replacement for all covered items. Covered items include, but are not limited to:
    • Powertrain – engine, transmission, torque converter, finals, differentials, brakes, coolers, pumps and drive lines.
    • Hydraulics – pumps, motors, coolers, hoses, pipes, valves, swing boxes and cylinders.
    • Electrical Systems – harnesses, wiring, controllers, relays, monitoring panels and alternators.
    • Structural – cab, main frame, loader frame, engine frame, swing bearing, trunnions, boom, stick, linkage and castings.
    • Other – V-belts, air conditioning, heater and controls.

A RAMP does not cover wear items and items that are damaged by the customer. Typical wear items include tires, GET (e.g., buckets, rippers, blades), undercarriage, pins and bushings. Items that are physically damaged, such as glass, mirrors, rims and handrails are not covered. The customer is responsible for daily lubrication, maintenance and air and fuel filter changes necessary between the scheduled service intervals.


How do I schedule service for my machine covered under RAMP agreement?

Each machine covered under a RAMP agreement is equipped with a KOMTRAX unit, Komatsu’s GPS monitoring system. With KOMTRAX, Kirby-Smith can track the machine’s location, hours and performance to determine when service is required and can identify any abnormalities so that problems can be addressed quickly. KOMTRAX also transmits error codes and cautions, so our team can diagnose problems and arrive onsite with the proper testing equipment, and tools and parts, to help reduce costly downtime. Our Service Team will schedule Preventive Maintenance and planned repairs according to KOMTRAX, the most up to date information available on your equipment.


How is Billing Handled for my RAMP Agreement?

The RAMP agreement is billed monthly at an hourly rate, based upon actual machine usage. If the machine is not operating, there is no charge. The monthly usage is derived from the KOMTRAX system, which has been installed on the machine. The hourly rate will be subject to an annual escalation factor, based on the US Department of Labor PPI index for construction or mining equipment.

With a Kirby-Smith Machinery RAMP Program, we can help you manage all planned maintenance services and planned component repairs at a fixed cost for the life of your covered equipment—so you can better manage budgets and schedules.

To set up a RAMP Agreement for your equipment, or for more information, contact your salesmen or the nearest Kirby-Smith Location.