Reduce the Risk of Equipment Downtime with Preventative Maintenance

Kirby-Smith offers Preventative Maintenance services for all machine makes and models. Wherever your machine is located, one of our mobile lube service trucks can reach you.

  • Trained technicians
    All of our technicians have completed Kirby-Smith’s training program to
    ensure that they service your equipment properly. Maintenance is too
    important to trust someone who isn’t qualified to spot problem signs during routine service procedures.
  • Warranty assurance
    With documented oil analysis for your equipment, you’ll never risk losing
    warranty coverage for an equipment problem.
  • Payment options
    You can pay for individual services as they are completed or choose a 2,000 hour contract. With the contract, you pay a fixed fee, based on actual machine usage.
  • After hours service
    We can perform Preventative Maintenance services after working hours, once your equipment has finished the day’s work to avoid downtime.
  • RAMP (Repair and Maintenance Program)
    Our RAMP program covers repairs and maintenance at a fixed cost, eliminating unexpected bills, and assuring maximum availability and performance.
    • Repairs and maintenance at a fixed cost
    • No minimum charges - payment is based on actual hours of operation
    • Repairs before failure
    • Coverage exceeds any available warranty

Machine uptime is crucial for your success and regular equipment maintenance is the key to ensuring long-term reliability, performance and value.

Keep your equipment in top condition with a free walk-around! Your Kirby-Smith Machinery Product Support Sales Representative (PSSR) will perform a no-obligation walk-around inspection and provide a written evaluation and quotation for any items that could lead to future downtime.