My Komatsu



My Komatsu brings together information on your machines and product support in one location.  There are many benefits to My Komatsu, including being able to manage your machines with ease and having alerts for errors and engine hours.  This also allows you to get the parts you need with more efficiency.


My Komatsu gives you quick and easy access to all the tools you need via one unified system

  • A single online environment that gives you the ability to manage your fleet remotely.
  • Machine manuals are available to view online for all Komatsu machines.
  • Navigate the site with ease using any browser on any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Fleet Operation & Health Summaries with Quick Links to more detailed information.
  • Drill down into a specific machine’s data to view operational information including fuel consumption, idle time, operating hours, and much, much more.





Your centralized hub for fleet management

This will help make it easier to keep your Equipments performing at its best:

  • Helps in making sure Maintenance is done when needed.
  • Using the parts, fluids, filters that are meant for your machines.
  • See operational information like fuel consumption, operating hours, etc.




Easily manage and monitor your equipment

Using My Komatsu allows you to monitor your equipment with telematics:

  • Locations
  • Warranty Information
  • Maintenance History
  • Alerts:
    • Parts Order Status
    • Excessive Engine Hours
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Excessive Idle Time
    • Error Codes
  • It also provides the information that will help with your Equipment:

    • Technical Manuals
    • Product Brochures
    • Factory Campaigns
    • Machine history, operational and fleet reports
    • Machine data from Telematics, KOMTRAX or KOMTRAX plus




24/7 Accessibility of Parts Ordering Online

My Komatsu helps with your parts:

  • Access serial number specific parts books from virtually any screen and find the necessary parts without leaving the website.
  • Ability to order parts from anywhere, any time (24/7).
  • Receive order status notifications.
  • With My Komatsu, you can have parts shipped to your job site, your home, arrange a curbside pickup or loaded directly to your truck.
  • Save time by using your saved shopping lists and order the parts you know you will need, to help reduce downtime.





ISO-15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) API integration with My Komatsu

Information is vital to your operations, but managing it can be time-consuming and stressful. Now there’s a more efficient way to use your data, even when it’s from a mixed fleet. Using ISO API 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0) telematics, Komatsu helps you integrate data from your Komatsu and non-Komatsu machines and view it on one easy-to-use dashboard.

Learn how Komatsu can help you get the most out of all your telematics data. 



Be sure to download the My Komatsu App!

The new My Komatsu mobile app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. With the new My Komatsu mobile app you can conveniently review your fleet telematics data and explore product support manuals. Access anywhere and anytime using the same login as your web account – My Komatsu is always at your fingertips.

Download the NEW My Komatsu App now from the app store on Apple or Google Play!