Smart Construction​ Jobsite Setup


Having an expert partner that can help you set up a "smarter" jobsite can help you eliminate the risk of costly setup errors and maximize the profitability of your projects. With Smart Construction and Kirby-Smith, our team will handle all aspects of jobsite setup, including jobsite localization, base station setup and machine setup.  

  • Jobsite Localization
  • Base Station Setup
  • Machine Setup

As your partner in Komatsu Smart Construction, Kirby-Smith can sell or rent base stations and rover kits.



Jobsite Setup for GNSS Machine Control

When you setup a jobsite for GNSS machine control, you really need to know what you’re doing. Mistakes are easy to make, hard to detect, and compromise efficiencies throughout the entire project. You can trust KEC’s experienced technology solutions experts to handle all aspects of jobsite setup, from base station location to accurate localization.


Interested in learning more about Komatsu Smart Construction or intelligent Machine Control equipment?

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