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Smart Construction Remote is changing the game

Smart Construction Remote helps you support your machines from anywhere, saving you time and expense

June 02, 2022 / Technology
Do you need to get data to your machines? Want to help your operators troubleshoot? If you have connectivity and Komatsu’s Smart Construction Remote solution, you can do both from anywhere, optimizing your time and making workflows more efficient. Continue reading...
With Smart Construction Dashboard, contractors have a 3D graphic visualization of all design, drone and machine data to measure cut/fill, quantities and productivity.

Smart Construction Dashboard - Visualize what’s happening on your job sites in near real time

May 23, 2022 / Technology
Gaining insight into your job site’s progress at any time and from anywhere reduces guesswork and enables faster decision making. Designed for daily use, Komatsu’s Smart Construction Dashboard combines data from multiple sources to give you one comprehensive picture. Continue reading...
My Komatsu helps contractors get in-depth fleet analysis

With My Komatsu, contractors get impactful visual analyses of telematics data for a mixed fleet

April 04, 2022 / Technology
To get the most value from your telematics data, you need an efficient way to interpret it. What if you could monitor the health of your entire mixed-equipment fleet from one dashboard, receive maintenance alerts on your phone, and order parts without searching through manuals? Continue reading...
Komatsu D71 is a single mid-sized dozer that saves you time, lowers your costs and makes your new operators more effective

Want a single mid-sized dozer that saves you time, lowers your costs and makes your new operators more effective?

August 02, 2021 / Technology
Do bigger jobs always require larger or multiple machines? What if you could get the same amount of work done with a mid-sized dozer that allows you to push large loads while also giving you the ability to get to finish grade? How much savings in time, owning and operating costs would that give you? Continue reading...
Visualize job site status in 3D, track progress and get accurate quantity calculations

Komatsu’s new Smart Construction Dashboard app helps support the digital transformation of construction sites

June 08, 2021 / Technology
The Smart Construction Dashboard desktop app is part of Komatsu’s new Smart Construction solutions, an umbrella of smart applications created to help construction customers optimize their business and manage it remotely, in near real time. Continue reading...