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Grove TMS9000-2 truck-mounted crane with a new engine that increases its power output by 25 brake horsepower

Updates to Grove TMS9000-2 truck-mounted crane include more power, faster setup and enhanced operator comfort

Manitowoc updated its 115-ton-capacity Grove TMS9000-2 truck-mounted crane with a new engine that increases its power output by 25 brake horsepower (bhp) and has given the model a series of design improvements that enhance operator comfort, reduce machine weight and speed up the setup process. Continue reading...
Manitowoc designed the 249-horsepower GHC110 for a range of tasks, including alternative energy applications, road and bridge construction, and utility and barge work.

Stout and maneuverable: Manitowoc’s 110-ton-capacity Grove GHC110 features robust lift charts, efficient movement for increased productivity on job sites

Contractors know that one machine with the ability to do a wide range of tasks across a variety of job sites saves time, labor and money. With 110-ton capacity, Manitowoc’s new Grove GHC110 telescoping crawler crane fits that mold. Continue reading...
The Komatsu WA480-8 loads trucks fast!

Want a versatile loader with the capacity to load highway trucks quickly? Meet the Komatsu WA480-8

Loading and moving materials in as few passes and cycles as possible not only helps increase productivity, but it also reduces costly wear and tear on machines. One versatile machine that offers that across multiple applications provides a distinct advantage. Continue reading...
Manhattan Road & Bridge has boosted its fleet with four MLC100-1 lattice-boom crawler cranes.

Manitowoc crawler cranes give U.S. bridge contractor the edge

January 17, 2022 / Industry & Manufacturer News
Todd Strande, division manager for Manhattan Road & Bridge and self-proclaimed crawler enthusiast, was sold on the Manitowoc MLC100-1 at first sight when he visited the Manitowoc Cranes factory in late 2019. His experience at the facility in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, where he saw firsthand the attention to detail that goes into every crane model, validated Manhattan Road & Bridge’s decision to grow its crawler fleet with four Manitowoc MLC100-1 units. Continue reading...
MLC150-1 delivers results!

Manitowoc MLC150-1 - Delivering For Customers

December 29, 2021 / Industry & Manufacturer News
Customers were looking for a compact, maneuverable crawler crane with a strong load chart that’s easy transport. Manitowoc answered the call, building on its popular MLC100-1 model with the 165-ton MLC150-1. Continue reading...